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Desktop & Văn phòng Bitsum ParkControl Pro v.


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ParkControl is developed by Bitsum and is designed to manage the parking settings of the cores. These settings are hidden in the Windows operating system, but have a serious impact on performance, especially under pulsed CPU loads (the most common type of load). After the developers of the tool discovered these dependencies, Intel made decisions to transfer the management of core parking from the operating system to the hardware, confirming bitsum's conclusions.

Bitsum Highest Performance: A power plan that automatically optimizes hardware components for maximum performance beyond the standard Windows High Performance power plan.

Bitsum Dynamic Boost: Automatically switches power plans when your computer enters activity and idle modes. If you are actively using your PC, stay in Bitsum Highest Performance mode.

Bitsum Dynamic Boost is designed to dynamically change the power plan when the computer is active and to reduce resource consumption during system downtime (the feature is only available in version 1.1).

Empirical evidence shows that disabling processor parking can lead to a major difference in system performance. The effectiveness of this measure for an individual system is affected by a large number of factors, such as processor type, application load, and user behavior.

However, Windows conducts a very aggressive kernel parking, which leads to excessive delays because the cores are "taken out of the parking lot" during impulse loads.

In bitsum tests, the biggest gain from disabling parking was obtained with AMD processors. This is due to the difference in how AMD processors allocate computing resources between logical cores. Microsoft has optimized the OS for Intel's HyperThreading Technology, which relies less on secondary kernels. AMD's secondary logic cores are almost full-fledged processors.

ParkControl settings are completely safe for any computer that works properly. The only possible scenario for behavioral change is related to potential computer overheating problems. In this case, these problems will occur regardless of the parameters applied, simply due to the serious load on the processor.

What New:
v3.0.1.2 – Jan 23, 2023

(1) Fix 'Show park settings in Windows Power Options' checkbox was dysfunctional in last version

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