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Chia sẻ Studio 3T for MongoDB + Trial reset (Duy nhất tại VN-Zoom) - Kết nối và quản lý cơ sở dữ liệu MongoDB!

Hamano Kaito

What's new in Studio 3T for MongoDB 2020.7.1
August 10, 2020
  • New: Licensing - Added proxy support.
New in Studio 3T for MongoDB 2020.7.0 (July 27, 2020)
  • New: Table View - Copy selected documents to CSV
  • New: Export Wizard - Edit find() queries on an export tab
  • New: Query History - Added a new option to allow a custom limit for the number of history entries
  • New: MongoDB to SQL Migration - Running a migration will write warnings and errors to a log file
  • Improved: SQL to MongoDB Migration - Removed special handling of the internal MongoDB timestamp field type
  • Fixed: Result Tab - Brought back "Copy Field Name" option on all table and tree views
  • Fixed: Result Tab - Fixed issue with tooltip values being cut off by their corresponding column widths
  • Fixed: Aggregation Editor - Pasting a script from clipboard now doesn't override the associated script file
  • Fixed: IntelliShell - Fixed an issue that could occur on connections using an SSL certificate and a passphrase
  • Fixed: Reference Dialog and Follow Reference - Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to resolve an invalid DBRef
  • Fixed: JSON Validator - Fixed the width of the "Edit Validator" dialog when opened on connections that have long names
  • Fixed: SQL Import - Fixed a crash that could occur when disconnecting from then reconnecting to a target connection
  • Fixed: Connection Manager - Fixed inconsistencies in server names and port numbers when importing connection URIs from other tools
  • Fixed: Export Wizard - Fixed an issue with missing export source information when exporting current cursor/selected documents
  • Fixed: Session Restore - Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a restored collection tab when the Explain tab is selected


Gà con

- Em có phát triển 1 bản trên Ubuntu, viết bằng Python
- Chi tiết có thế xem tại: - Link download
Trong trường hợp không chạy được các bác thử cài Python, và nếu không được nữa thì kêu em. Tại em mới chạy trên máy tính cá nhân của em :v

@Hamano Kaito Thử làm trên MacOS đi anh
không biết đã có bản update nào cho linux chưa bạn nhỉ

Hamano Kaito

What's new in Studio 3T for MongoDB 2020.8.0
September 10, 2020
  • New: Introducing our new product: Server 3T - Run migrations between SQL and MongoDB remotely.
  • New: Collection Tab - Change sort order of queries in one click.
  • New: Connection Manager - Disconnect from all connections in one go.
  • New: Connection Manager - Auto-detect and import connection strings copied to clipboard.
  • Improved: General - Improved responsiveness of auto-completion in scripts.
  • Improved: General - Improved visibility of separator labels on Ubuntu 20.04.
  • Improved: General - Now showing dark title and toolbar on macOS in dark mode.
  • Improved: Visual Query Builder - Improved color definitions in Visual Query Builder.
  • Improved: Export Wizard - "Other options" now updating whenever source is updated.
  • Improved: Export Wizard - Export units with cursor/selected documents as source can now be saved.
  • Improved: Map-Reduce - Database names now displayed in Map-Reduce tab names.
  • Improved: SQL to MongoDB Migration - Improved custom SQL query in-app messaging.
  • Fixed: General - Fixed issue with weird characters appearing as tab names.
  • Fixed: SQL Query - Restored missing right-click copy options.
  • Fixed: Map-Reduce - Restored missing right-click copy options.
  • Fixed: Aggregation Editor - Restored missing right-click copy options.
  • Fixed: Visual Query Builder - Fixed UI issues on Linux.
  • Fixed: Role Manager - Fixed issues with editing and updating role privilege actions.
  • Fixed: Quickstart Tab - Now showing correctly upodated colors in color-coded connections.
  • Fixed: Export Wizard - Fixed issues with loading indicators shown on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed: Export Wizard - Fixed crash on export issues on Linux with unsupported MongoDB version.
  • Fixed: Export Wizard - Fixed issues related to mongodump exports failing when collection names contain a colon.
  • Fixed: Export Wizard - Fixed issue related to export files being overwritten during failed current cursor exports.
  • Fixed: Data Compare & Sync - Fixed crash that could occur when editing a DCAS task on an undocked window.
  • Fixed: Import Wizard - Fixed crash that could occur when clicking options on and off with BSON archive imports.
  • Fixed: Import Wizard - Target collection now emptied when target database is disabled during BSON archive imports.
  • Fixed: SQL to MongoDB Migration - Fixed issues with username label shown for Oracle connections.

Hamano Kaito

What's new in Studio 3T for MongoDB 2020.9.0
October 15, 2020
  • New: Query Manager - Unify Query History and Bookmark Manager.
  • New: Result Tab - The elapsed time for running queries is now shown in many places.
  • New: Connection Manager - Allow more control over databases that are added to the connection tree.
  • Improved: Feedback - Improved in-app feedback mechanism, now auto-filling fields.
  • Fixed: General - Fixed issues that could occur when typing Chinese characters in editors.
  • Fixed: General - Fixed issue where "Copy Database" would continue to copy views, even after it has been cancelled.
  • Improved: Dark Theme - [macOS only] Fixed visual glitch in Visual Query Builder during certain hover actions.
  • Improved: Preferences - Improved messaging under Preferences > Proxy to warn about missing proxy support on IntelliShell.
  • Improved: Export Wizard - Improved UX when invalid input is detected while editing the query of an export unit.
  • Improved: Collection Tab - Improved the Multi-line query editor UX to match those found in other places.
  • Improved: Aggregation Editor - Added support for $unionWith stage.
  • Improved: Aggregation Editor - Stage operators now shown in the stage tabs for easier navigation.
  • Improved: Connection Manager - Now automatically detects and parses connection strings from MongoDB Compass.
  • Improved: Connection Manager - Now displaying a security reminder when "None" or "Legacy" is chosen as the authentication method.
  • Improved: MongoDB to SQL Migration - Improved in-app tutorial.
  • Improved: Visual Query Builder - Now rejecting drag-and-drop of fields with unsupported data types, showing a message dialog instead.
  • Fixed: Tasks - Brought back confirming and closing "Save Task" dialogs with the Enter key.
  • Fixed: Tasks - [Ubuntu only] Fixed UI issues when highlighting a cell in the Status column; icons also now showing when a task is selected.
  • Fixed: Dark Theme - Improved readability of the selected task's name in the Task Manager.
  • Fixed: Export Wizard - Fixed crash that could occur when running an export task after closing all of its unit tabs.
  • Fixed: Collection Tab - [Windows only] Fixed Expand and Expand Recursively when multiple documents are selected.
  • Fixed: Connection Tree - [Ubuntu only] Fixed issue with color-coded connections.
  • Fixed: Connection Tree - Fixed issue with collections being removed, even though they haven't been dropped, e.g. due to missing permissions.
  • Fixed: Connection Manager - [Ubuntu only] Fixed status colors in the Test Connection window.
  • Fixed: Connection Manager - Fixed parsing issue with NoSQLBooster connection strings.
  • Fixed: Connection Manager - Fixed SRV connections that failed when configured to use a custom Root CA certificate.
  • Fixed: Aggregation Editor - Fixed code formatting issues in the stage editor.
  • Fixed: Data Compare and Sync - Fixed color transparency levels in the Comparison Unit table.