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Chia sẻ Win RE Utility Suite v.1.0.9


Junior Moderator
Thành viên BQT

One Utility Suite for all your Windows app reversing needs.

-x64 bit operating system.
-1024x768 min display setting.
-VCredist runtimes.
-Python 3.xx.x for Windows.

What New:

Change Log v1.0.9:
-Updated Npcap to v1.77.
-Updated Network Minor to v2.8.1.
-Updated Exeinfo PE to v0.0.8.0.
-Updated Resource Hacker to v5.2.1.
-Updated x64dbg to snapshot_2023-10-05_13-38.
-Updated dnSpy to v6.4.1.

WREUS.exe created with AutoIt.
It is safe. Just add to antivirus whitelist.


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Junior Moderator
Thành viên BQT
Win RE Utility Suite v.1.0.3 - New Update Version
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