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PM Việt hóa & Portable Subtitle Workshop Classic v.6.1.1 Portable


Junior Moderator
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Trình kết xuất video VLC, mã hóa UTF8, Phát hiện và lựa chọn luồng âm thanh, Màn hình có thể thay đổi kích thước, Kiểm tra chính tả Word 2016, Kiểm tra chính tả Hunspell, Chỉnh sửa phím tắt dễ dàng, hỗ trợ hơn 70 loại tệp.


  • VLC Video Renderer
  • UTF-8 and UTF16 subtitle coding
  • Audio stream detection and selection
  • Resizable screens
  • SetDelay more handy
  • Size of big files reported correctly
  • Spellcheck with Word 2016 works
  • Easy editing of the shortcuts
  • more than 70 filetypes supported
  • Hunspell Spellchecker

What New :

2022-05-14 (v6.1.1)
Solved: If I disable fixing "Too long durations" and "Too short durations", those are enabled automaticaly after opening "information and errors" again. See
Updated the manual (help). At this moment only the English version is done.
Removed the minimum constraints for some forms so that they still fit on smaller screens.
Made the installation directory the same for every version, so one does not loose the already made settings.