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PM Việt hóa & Portable Modern Tweaker v.1.6 Portable


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Modern Tweaker- một vỏ phần mềm dành cho các tinh chỉnh của Windows, sẽ cho phép ngay cả một người dùng bình thường không có kiến thức và công sức cũng có thể tăng hiệu suất của Windows.

  • The software allows you to fine-tune the appearance, interface, security and services of Windows.
  • Tweaks are grouped into tabs, and now more than 100 settings have been added that allow you to fine-tune the performance of your Windows PC, including customizing background applications and services.
  • Tab rollback mechanism implemented: System, Interface, Security, Windows Services, Background Apps
  • The activation mechanism of the Windows 10 line has been implemented.
  • Version 1.6 of the program is able to return standard values.
  • The program code for universality is written in .Net, cleanly and functionally.