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ArmorTools - ArmorTools là một bộ công cụ mở rộng khả năng của hệ điều hành MS Windows trong lĩnh vực bảo mật và bảo vệ thông tin bí mật của người dùng. ArmorTools cho phép bạn tạo các đĩa ảo an toàn được mã hóa bằng thuật toán AES128 / AES256, mã hóa các tệp và nội dung thư mục bằng cách sử dụng bất kỳ tệp nào làm mật khẩu. ArmorTools xóa dấu vết công việc của người dùng trên máy tính, xóa lịch sử truy cập các trang web, xóa thông tin bí mật mà không có khả năng khôi phục. Nó cũng có một tập hợp các cài đặt bổ sung cho hệ điều hành MS Windows. ArmorTools chứa các công cụ sau: Extra Disks, File Shredder, File Encryptor, Objects Eraser, System Tweaker.

• Extra Disks is a tool designed to create virtual disks on your computer. With Extra Disks you can create three types of virtual disks – encrypted disks, file-based disks, and folder-based disks. Encrypted disks use AES128/AES256 encryption algorithms and are designed to store your secret and private information. File-based virtual disks are designed to make it easier to work with many small files when moving them from computer to computer. For example, when copying many photos or music. Folder-based virtual disks make it easier to access the contents of deeply nested subfolders. For example, a folder with music can be connected as a drive m:\ or a folder with photos can be mounted as disk p:\.

• File Encryptor is a tool designed to encrypt files or folder contents. As a password, you can set your own or use any file as a key to encryption. For example, when sending secret information by mail, you can encrypt the transmitted file using a wallpaper image or the Calculator program as a key. Having transferred the information to the recipient, he will be able to decrypt the encrypted file using this picture from the same version of the operating system.

• File Shredder is a tool designed to delete files and folder contents without the possibility of their subsequent recovery.

• Objects Eraser removes traces of activity on your computer. Cleans the history of started programs, search history, history of last opened documents and history of various Internet browsers.

• System Tweaker a set of additional adjustments related to safety, system capacity and user preferences and which are not included in the basic components of MS Windows.

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